You are more powerful than you think!


Hi, I’m Cat and I am so happy that you’re here! I really understand your struggles but I also know that you can conquer them too. I know that by being here you can learn tools, techniques and habits that will make such a positive impact on your life so that you can step into the joyful moments and feel vibrant, happy and alive!

You are more powerful than you think and you can definitely overcome the things that are keeping you stuck.

I can help if you are suffering from:​

Lack of energy
Low self worth
Feeling disconnected from your body
Lack of boundaries
Negative thoughts
Lack of focus
Poor Sleep and Brain fog


Not just the name of the business or a bodily function that happens without thinking, but also an underutilised and overlooked way to improve health. By harnessing your breath you can override the fight or flight response you get when you feel stressed. It helps to induce calm and bring a sense of equilibrium back to your mind and body to support a healthy nervous system. 


There are various pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques as well as other styles of breathwork. 


These can energise, heal and revitalise your body.  


I am fascinated with the way our breath can calm or stimulate the nervous system. Teaching people to improve functional breathing that can be taken into everyday life is something that I am very passionate about as it can truly make a difference to your overall health & wellbeing. Unfortunately many people have a dysfunctional breathing pattern which ends up having an impact on their health




To be able to move with freedom, expression and joy is an absolute gift. One of my favourite things to do is to dance to uplifting house music, you will ALWAYS find me on the dance floor on a night out! I’ve fused this love of dance, house music and yoga to bring you my ‘dance vibe flow’ events.



During these events we move through dance infused yoga flows set to a great house music soundtrack and fill our souls with JOY! You will always leave feeling, UPLIFTED, ENERGISED and HAPPY. But you’ll also leave feeling connected to your body & soul.


Yoga is a vast & rich centuries old practice which allows you to develop a deeper consciousness as you train your body & mind. There are numerous styles of yoga and the style I teach is a vinyasa flow style of yoga which guides you through asana (postures) with a strong connection to your breath. 


I encourage you to have a deep awareness of the body, strengthening the mind-body connection and developing a deep sense of self compassion. 


As we start to develop self awareness, this is where we can begin to make the transformation in life that we need.



Practising yoga is a continuous journey of self discovery which will empower you in all areas of your life. I am so grateful that I can help and support you as you embark on this amazing journey.