Breathe Dance Yoga

You are more powerful than you think!


Hi, I’m Cat and I am so happy that you’re here! I really understand your struggles but I also know that you can conquer them too. I know that by being here you can learn tools, techniques and habits that will make such a positive impact on your life so that you can step into the joyful moments and feel vibrant, happy and alive!

In my 20-year teaching career, I have worked with children, teens, and adults and I now recognise the patterns of low self-worth as well as the subconscious programs that can play out, I also know the variety of ways people learn and need to be supported. The world is a demanding place and I’ve seen the effects of those not taking time to come back to themselves. In a culture that glamorises being busy, it can be all too easy to feel disconnected and not take the downtime and self-nourishment that you actually need.



I’ve taken all this knowledge that I’ve learned through the years and now bring it into my teaching of yoga, dance, meditation and breathwork to bring you back to your inner guidance. I’m here in this capacity because I tuned into my own intuition and desires, leading me to leave my school teaching career and sell my glamping business so that I could solely focus on leading women back to themselves. My lived experiences have prepared me to be a lifelong creative and guide. And here is one thing I definitely know- You don’t need to seek outside of yourself, you need to listen inwardly, your soul has all the answers you’ll ever need but you might need some support to tune back in.



“Cat’s classes are special. It doesn’t matter how big the class is, you are always seen as an individual and made to feel safe and welcome. I highly recommend seeking this woman out, her warmth and expertise shines very bright.”


I’m a self confessed neuroscience nerd and have an equal mix of science and spirituality in my approach. I adopt a functional anatomical approach to yoga so that you develop strength, mobility, balance and stability. I read a lot and continue to do CPD which enables me to develop as a human and also to guide you to an enhanced self awareness in both your body and mind opening you up to the potential you hold. My teachings focus on self awareness, self compassion and tuning into your mind and body’s needs, developing resilience and stability so that you bend, not break in life’s storms and challenges. In recent years I work more with the seasons which means you may find I work with more introspective and quiet practices during the autumn and winter and more energising, uplifting practices during the spring and summer.



You can join me for in person yoga classes, day events, retreats or if you’re not local I have my online membership and online courses. I also offer a variety of 1:1 options to give you the support and guidance you need most.

You are more powerful than you think and you can definitely overcome the things that are keeping you stuck.

I can help if you are suffering from:​

Lack of energy
Low self worth
Feeling disconnected from your body
Lack of boundaries
Negative thoughts
Lack of focus
Poor Sleep and Brain fog

If you’re unsure of where to start, use the contact form to get in touch and we can have a chat about what you might need.