Are you ready to reclaim your power and live a vibrant life?

Welcome to Breathe Dance & Yoga

Are you feeling vibrant, joyful and alive?

Do you remember that life you once had?

Well it’s still there, waiting for you to tap back into! If you’re a woman over 35, whose habits, stories and patterns have been keeping you stuck but now you’re fully ready to take back control then you’re in the right place. Being here means that you can learn more about your brain, nervous system & subconscious which are the main reasons you can end up in unhelpful habits in the first place.


By harnessing your breath you can override the fight or flight response you get when you feel stressed. It helps to induce calm and bring a sense of equilibrium back to your mind and body. Unfortunately many people have a dysfunctional breathing pattern which ends up having an impact on their health.


To be able to move with freedom, expression and joy is an absolute gift. You will always leave feeling, UPLIFTED, ENERGISED and VIBRANT. Don’t know where to start? Just put on your favourite song, turn the music up and let your body respond and just move! Dance is a powerful healer and can change your mood dramatically.


Yoga is a centuries old system originating from India that allows you to deepen your mind-body connection, develop self awareness and create space between your thoughts and actions. Yoga postures (asana) challenge, stimulate or calm the body & nervous system whilst the mind is tamed through practices that develop focus & concentration such as meditation.
Online Membership

Online Membership

On demand and live classes, monthly events & workshops as well as a supportive community.

Worksops & Events

Worksops & Events

Details of in person and online offerings.

Local in person classes

Local in person classes

In person studio classes based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.